Advice From Professional Pest Services To Keep Your Garden Green

Most people can spend hours lovingly tending to their gardens, and lawns. However, what steps can you take insuring you have a good lawn pest control system set up.

Small, and pear shaped, have long antennae; with two tubes protruding backwards from their abdomen.

Found: These insects are found around fruits and vegetables, flowers, and shade trees.

Aphids live off plant sap, this can cause foliage to distort, leaves to drop. The honeydew excreted from these insects, supports sooty mold growth, and spreads viral diseases.

How to control them: clean plants using a strong spray of water; encourage their predators and parasites, like aphid midges, lacewings, and lady beetles; when possible. Cover plants with a floating row cover, spray hot-pepper, or garlic repellent, for really bad problems, apply horticultural oil, or insecticidal soap.

Failing all that, call in a professional pest services,

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