Advice from Professional Pest Control Companies on How to Remove Ants

Ants are unfortunately a common occurrence in households worldwide. They gain entrance into a home via the smallest of holes and quickly multiply in number. It is very difficult to get rid of them once they have infested a home. Using several methods of ant control is normally advised by most pest control companies.

The easiest way to get rid of ants is by using ant bait, which is a poison. Ant bait normally works one of two ways. Some only kill the ant which eats the poison, whilst others allow the ants to take the poison into their ant colony, effectively killing nearly all of the ants, including the queen. The bait comes in several forms. It is also available in ant houses. These are small plastic containers that have holes on the side to allow ants in and out. Ant killer is also available in gel form which can be placed around the areas where they are seen to gather. Different kinds of poison can be placed around the foundations of a house to kill them before they can gain access to the house.

Sprays and powders are also available to get rid of ants immediately. This is a temporary solution to ant infestations; however, it does not kill the colony. Sometimes, some household cleaning products will also kill ants. The rule is: if it makes people sick, it will kill ants. When using any poison or cleaning products, remember never use it close to food, children, and pets.

With households that have children or people that prefer to not use chemicals, there are numerous natural ways to remove ants. One of the most common is to mix sugar and borax, then simply sprinkle it around any problem areas. Most pest control companies say that ants stay away from things they do not like. Cinnamon, vinegar, mint, talc baby powder, and pepper can act as ant deterrent.

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