Will a Pest Control Service Carry Insurance?

Pest control insurance is used by a pest control service and sole ownership exterminators. Usually, this kind of insurance is used to cover a company’s liability in case any bodily harm or damage to property is caused during a procedure. Also, pest control insurance can cover company vehicles, equipment, tools, and any pollution created by the company, and it covers any injuries to employees. Sometimes, pest control service firms also have employee dishonesty insurance, which offers protection in case an employee steals from a client or commits any kind of fraudulent act.

A pest control service normally uses a wide range of chemical pesticides inside residences and commercial buildings. In some cases, this kind of business may apply chemicals around a perimeter of a property. When these chemicals are used, there is a strong chance they could cause damage to the health of an individual or animal. It’s also possible that these chemicals could create damage to a customer’s property, damage done to property could even happen during some kinds of pest inspections done. So having a pest control insurance provides the company with the financial coverage in the unlikely event of any injury, property damage, or lawsuit claims.

Several pest control services make great efforts to ensure they only use chemicals which will not be a danger to their customers or cause any kind of damage to their property. However, when they do use dangerous chemicals, they will take precautions to minimize any risks involved. Sometimes, things will go wrong despite their most valiant efforts. Pest control insurance is meant for cases in which things go wrong unexpectedly. Sometimes, this kind of firm buys coverage not just for injury or property damage which will affect their customer but for different kinds of pollution the company could create or contribute towards.

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