Is a Pest Removal Service Necessary When You Need to Fight Termite Infestations?

Termites are social insects which live in colonies and can be found in dry wood, rotting wood, or in the soil. Their main food is wood, which is why they often live in wood constructions which they slowly start destructing. when they are done, they move to their next target. Termites love moisture, so the tropical warm and humid environment is what fits them best. This, of course, does not mean that you can only see them in places with tropical climate. They often settle in cold mountain cottage areas as well.

Where can they be found within your home?
You may need to book a pest removal service if you notice signs of termite infestations in your door or window frames, parquet or wooden floor, wooden cabinets, baseboards and skirting, wooden roofs, and in your bathroom area.

When do termites attack your home?
There is no particular season for termite infestations. You can have problems with these pests all year long, but there are more colonies during the rainy season or when the level of humidity is extra high.

What financial damage can termites cause?
Termites cause a lot of property and furniture damage. As a result, your house may need a full refurbishing or a massive structural repair which can be quite costly. Fixing termite damage can cost you thousands, so you’d better invest in pest removal services before things get to that level.

Which warning signs can indicate a termite infestation?

  • Damaged wood with hollow-cut passages.
  • Some parts of wood may sound hollow when you tap them with a screwdriver.
  • Mud-like tubes on walls (this is usually a mixture of soil, feces, and the saliva of termites.)
  • Small brown pellets.

In order to get rid of termite colonies before they invade your home entirely and start destroying it, you’d better book a reliable pest removal company to help you win the battle. Accurate Pest Control of Las Vegas, NV can provide you with expert extermination services without spreading toxic substances.

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