What Does a Pest Exterminator Do?

A pest exterminator is someone who prevents and controls insects, rodents, and other organisms posing a threat to people and their property. Many exterminators offer a range of services, though some may specialize in certain types of pests. An exterminator may use different strategies, like using pesticide to an area, fumigating a home, trapping animals, and to giving advice to people on how to prevent any future infestations.

One common task for an exterminator is spraying a residence or commercial building using pesticide, a mixture of chemicals made to kill pests while preserving plants, pets, and people. An exterminator inspects an area first to locate concentrations of pests and then sprays them with an applicator. An severe infestation of insects like bedbugs or termites may require an exterminator to quarantine and fumigate the whole building. Expert fumigators seal the structure and then release poisonous gases to destroy pests and their eggs.

Professionals may use traps and barriers to control pests. An exterminator may set rodent traps to stop creatures from burrowing. Sealing holes and sanitizing a building effectively prevents ants, roaches, and other insects who live in dark dirty environments.

A pest exterminator will give information to farmers and home owners on how to control pests. They may inform a person on the likelihood of seasonal infestations, give advice on commercial products, and explain any preventative strategies. A mosquito exterminator, for instance, may suggest that a home owner prevent any standing water and seal off septic tanks to make their property less attractive to insects.

To become an exterminator, you have to complete an apprenticeship to learn the ins and outs of the job. The length of apprenticeships vary, though new workers spend up to two years training. They will get classroom instruction and hands-on training to learn more about the different strategies, the use of chemicals, and regulations. Most states require new exterminators to take and pass a licensing exam upon the completion of programs.

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