Things to Know about a Professional Pest Control Service and Bee Removal

Removing bees can be a tricky and dangerous proposition unless you are a professional pest control service, especially if have have an allergy to them. Getting a swarm of bees, or even one of them, angry will leave an individual with some painful stings. Instead of approaching bees that are looking to take permanent residence up on your property, it is recommended to watch them from a safe distance, like from a window inside your house, and then contact a professional pest control service. Never spray, throw missiles, or attempt to get rid of them yourself in any way at this point in time.

The best time to get rid of bees is before they make a new hive, so call in a professional to safely remove them before they’ve built their hive. A pest control company will usually arrive with a box to place the bees into and get the queen and some other bees into the box. Then, the expert will put the lid on the box, this box should have holes in to allow other bees to go in to follow their queen. The service may wait until evening to finish the removal.

If the bees have built a hive already, it’s recommended to contact a pest control service. An expert service will remove not only the bees but the hive and honey as well. It is extremely important to remove the honey too, especially if the bees have built their hive in a wall, attic or other home structure. Not removing all the honey will just attract pests to a house.

Some people say that painting the area that previously housed a bee hive using light blue paint will prevent bees from building their hive there as they mistakenly think it’s the sky and refuse to set up house or even land there. They recommend painting after the bees have been removed. Others claim painting just gives a property a new appearance and does nothing to discourage other bees.

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