Do You Need a Pest Control Service Specialist to Fight Millipedes?

The Latin name of millipedes is Class Diplopoda. These are long segmented pests which have two pairs of legs per segment and are brown. They normally live outdoors but can also infest your home. They look a bit like centipedes because both species are classified as arthropods but not insects because they have only 2 body segments (instead of 3), but their diet and habitat are different.

Millipedes can be found in gardens and flowerbeds, under leaves that have fallen during the fall or old grass clippings. They love damp places, so the more moisture there is in your home, the more attractive it becomes for them. They feed on parts of decaying wood, so it is very likely to find them in countryside cottages, or other wooden homes which have suffered water damage. Porches and patios are their favorite crawling places through which millipedes can enter your home.

Their migration period is usually during the fall or whenever there is heavy rain and they need to change your habitat. These are the cases when most homeowners in Las Vegas, NV call our pest control service specialists for help. You can notice them around cracked windows, basement doors, crawl space vents, and wooden garage doors. They often hide underneath furniture and storage boxes. Millipedes live 2-3 years, so once your home is infested, they may be around for quite a while.

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