Our Pest Control Company Knows How to Eliminate Mice and Rats That Visit Your Home for the Holidays

To eliminate rodents around your home, our pest control company recommends the following infestation precautions and extermination methods:

  • Obstruct/Block all possible entryways.

Inspect both the exterior and interior of your home for any cracks or holes through which mice can enter when searching for a warmer place to spend the winter at.

  • Organize your storage space.

Keep your holiday decoration in airtight storage containers when you are not using them. Yf you place them in the attic, you’d better use plastic containers because mice are known to love hiding in attics and chewing old cardboard boxes.

  • Keep firewood far away.

Firewood piles are often a cozy home for rodents, so avoid storing the firewood that you use right next to your home. Make sure to keep it at least 20 feet away.

  • Inspect the holiday greenery before bringing it into your home.

You may find this too funny, but it is unfortunately true: Christmas trees, wreaths, and garlands may harbor pests.

  • Keep the trees and bushes around your home well trimmed at all times.

There should not be any branches or bushes less than 1-2 feet away from your home.

  • Make sure that the storage of your foodstuffs is secured.

Airtight containers cannot be reached that easily by rodents. If you have any open containers which you won’t intend to consume soon enough, throw them away.

  • Don’t leave your dirty dishes in the sink for too long.

Rodents will smell that there are some food leftovers which they can easily access. Washing dishes right after dinner and throwing away any food that is left is the best approach to protect yourselves from a mice infestation and save money on hiring a professional pest control company.

  • Clear out crumbs.

Crumbs on your kitchen countertops, tables, and floors will definitely attract rodents. So make sure to wipe them every day.

  • Take the trash out on a daily basis.

Then you have guests over the holidays, you definitely have more trash. Taking it out on a regular basis will help you protect your home from infestations.

  • Another thing that will certainly help is calling Accurate Pest Control of Las Vegas, NV for an inspection.

To book an appointment with our exterminators, dial (702) 838-1191! We do not charge extra fees for services during the holidays!