What Is Electronic Pest Control?

Electronic pest control is normally considered an alternative instead of using chemicals and traps to stop the like of rodents, insects and the like. One of the main ones is ultrasonic, it uses a high frequency sound wave which the human ear cannot pick-up in an attempt to scare off pests. Another kind of electronic pest control is electromagnetic, it uses an electromagnetic field which surrounds the house due to electrical wiring. Lastly, ionic removes odours from the air, so pests will not be attracted to the house, as they no longer smell any food odors. Each one affects different pests and comes with its own pros and cons.

Ultrasonic devices send out sound waves which cannot be heard by people; however, they are very uncomfortable for many pests. Both big animals and small insects can pick up the sound and are driven away. While insects such as mosquitoes can sense the high pitch using their antennae, some use their organs to detect the sound, such as butterflies, grasshoppers and moths. Either way, this kind of electronic pest control can drive off pests without hurting or killing them. Also, this method can be altered so that its targets do not get used to the sound.

An electromagnetic device sends signals via wiring that surrounds most houses, changing the frequency so that pests are too annoyed to stay close to it. Though it does work differently from ultrasonic methods, the results are very similar, with most being driven away due to the fact that they cannot breed, eat, or build their nests in peace. This kind of pest control turns off the signal frequently to prevent insects and rodents getting too used to it. It should be noted, however, that homeowners who have rats, mice, or any other type of rodent as pets should not use this type of pest control, as it will affect them also.

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