A Pest Control Service Provider Speaks about Protection from Bed Bugs

If you already had some bad experience with bed bugs in your previous place of residence and want to avoid dealing with the same problem again, then this post is exactly what you need. Here, we are going to share some information on how to protect your personal belongings and furniture from bed bug infestation. Here is what you need to do if you want to avoid booking a pest control service before the holidays this year:

  • Tip 1. Purchase approved bed bug encasement covers. Most of them have zipper locks which can protect your pillows and mattress from bed bug infestations.
  • Tip 2. Try to keep your bedroom or common area as clutter-free as possible. Piles of clothing can be a really cozy home for bedbugs, a place where they can happily live undisturbed.
  • Tip 3. Bed bugs crawl on walls, so if you keep a distance between your bed and the walls there is a slightly lower chance for your bed to be infested. If you have bed protector cups, you can place them on the legs of your bed. This way, the pests will not be able to climb on them as well.
  • Tip 4. Cleaning is the worst enemy of bedbugs, so if you vacuum and dust your room on a regular basis you increase your chances to become an unwelcoming home for these annoying microscopic monsters. It is a good idea to use a vacuum cleaner with a removable bag. If you notice any bedbugs you can throw them right after vacuuming.

If none of these tips helped you or it was already too late when you have started applying them, you would possibly need to book an expert pest control service. If you are located in Las Vegas, NV, the best choice you can make is to call Accurate Pest Control We have a good reputation and affordable service fees. Want to learn more? Call (702) 838-1191!