How a Pest Control Specialist Can Help You Get Rid of an Uncontrolled Ant Invasion in Your Home

Ants fulfill an important role in nature. They aerate the soil, control the population of other insects, and help to break down organic matter. But once an army of ants has invaded your home, the only way to get rid of them is to declare a war in your ally will be your local pest control service provider.

Sometimes, if you are trying to deal with them on your own, you may have to work really hard to remove every last ant from your kitchen only to find that days or weeks later, the little pests have returned. To keep your home free of ants, follow the next few tips that we have listed in this post!

  • With the majority of ant species, the most important thing is to be aggressive about keeping the house clean. Make sure to clean all food spills in your kitchen and scrub the dishes well. If your countertops are clean, your dishes are washed instead of piling up, and your food supplies are stored in airtight containers, then you are safe from an ant invasion. If they have nothing to eat, ants won’t stay in your house.
  • Regularly pour down bleach down your drains to eliminate food smells.
  • Take out the trash on a daily basis, and be sure that any outside trash bins are tightly sealed.
  • Make sure to fix any leaks around your house as moisture and water can attract ants.

If you see ants or ant trails in your home, take action immediately!

  • Vacuum up ant trails, and toss the dust bag in the outside trash when done.
  • Spray ant trails with an ammonia-based cleaner or a solution of vinegar and water.
  • You also need to kill any individual ants that you find.
  • Put out ant baits. When attracted to the bait, any ant will carry the poison to the nest and help you eliminate the rest of the colony. The results from this method may not be immediate but will definitely help you advance in reaching your goal.

Keep in mind that many pest control products may be toxic to humans and pets. Please, be sure to read all pesticide directions carefully before using them, or contact an exterminator working with green product only. Accurate Pest Control is one of the local ant extermination specialists that you can always count on.

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