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Accurate Pest Control is a pest control service provider, located in the region of Las Vegas, NV, that has been serving local residents since 1995. Our experience and the professional determination of our qualified employees makes us the right choice for anyone who needs reliable pest control. We aim to offer all of our clients customer satisfaction, cleansing residential and commercial properties of pests. Our service is better than any other, and once you work with us, you will never turn to another company again.

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To offer you an outstanding pest control service, we only work with highly qualified professionals, who have substantial experience in the field. They can take care of insects and rodents, such as mice, rats, ants, bees and many others, in a professional and reliable manner that will exceed your expectations. We are dedicated to our customers, and that makes us the rational choice for you. With the pest control we provide, you will be able to get rid of the pests that are bothering you. To make sure our service is as convenient as possible, we work with products that will ensure the safety of your children and pets.

Accurate Pest Control is a Las Vegas, NV based company, providing exceptional services to those who need them. Contact us on (702) 838-1191, to receive a supreme service!